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At the intersection of all musical styles sits a cherry.

Can you see him sitting there, basking in the glow of the spotlight?

He's a cherry with style. A cherry with attitude. A cherry with a wicked grin and sparkly white teeth. A cherry with a stem. And, most importantly, a cherry with an overwhelming love of music. ALL KINDS of music.

At any given moment, his Mackie THX-approved studio monitors might be playing Mozart, Johnny Cash, Pink Floyd, Marvin Gaye, Ricky Skaggs, Steely Dan, James Brown, Duke Ellington, Fountains of Wayne, Imani Coppola, J.S. Bach, Muddy Waters, Girlyman, Horace Silver, the Canadian Brass, Bob Marley, 'Weird Al' Yankovic, Led Zeppelin, Kirsty MacColl, BT, Freddie King, Barenaked Ladies, Aretha Franklin, Beethoven, Juice Newton, Collective Soul, Maryam Mursal, ABBA, Sugarland, the Beatles, Al Green, Tori Amos, Alice Smith, Citizen Cope, the Dixie Chicks, Gregorian chants, barbershop quartets....well, I think you get the idea. Music is an infinite canvas, and Mr. Cherry likes to paint with all the colors he can get his hands on!

And although he appreciates many, many different styles and genres, I'll tell you a little secret: this cherry has a particular weakness for thick harmonies and perfectly crafted pop songs. He tries to write music that has a strong, memorable melody, a hook or two that will get people to listen, and, if it serves the song (and sometimes even if it doesn't), a bunch of tasty, resonant harmonies. His working concept is to write really good songs and then get really good musicians to play on them, Steely Dan-style. Will his musical machinations work and deliver tasty tunes to the masses? Only time will tell...


I wish I had a nickel for every lie you’ve told

For every night you shut me down and left me in the cold

I wish I had just one thin dime for every time you cried

And somewhere deep inside of me a little something died


But I ain’t got no money

And you got no excuse


I wish I had a quarter for every plastic smile

My lawn would shine like silver, huge nickel-plated piles

And if I had a dollar bill for every fit you’ve thrown

I’d be buying stuff outright instead of rent-to-own


But I don’t even have the juice to pay for this here groove…


A little taste of chocolate, a little sip of wine

Some laughter and a kiss or two would keep me feelin’ fine

But fine to you means payment for everything I’m not

So I’ll just keep on writing checks for money I ain’t got


Yeah, it seems you have bewitched me, your hair all wild and loose

So lead me to the gallows and put me in that noose

‘Cause I ain’t got no money

And you got no excuse

Michael Conrad
1871 Music
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